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Just for information the best place to find SAP OSS note information is via transaction SNOTE as it will not only allow you to view the full details of the note but also instantly show you if the note is valid for your particular SAP instance and patch level.

Go directly to OSS Note info via note number
If you are unable to access your SAP system at the moment you can get the full details from the SAP service market place. Simply enter the OSS note number below, press display and you will be taken directly to the specific note information.

Visit SAP Service market place
Alternatively you can use the SAP support portal to find notes using the keyword search. Simply login and then search for a note number using any relevant key words, you can also enter the note number into the note field.

Further Information

SNOTE (SAP Note Assistant)
If you want to implement an OSS note into your SAP system you do it via the SAP Note Assistant

Download SAP OSS Note
Download OSS note to your SAP system

Check OSS Note valid for your system
Check implementation Status to see if note is valid for current system and suport level

SAP Note Implementation status details
Implementation Status also see Processing Status

Implement SAP OSS Note
Implement note correction to your SAP system

View and Search all SAP notes
Find information for every availabel SAP OSS note

Example processing of Note 379269
Check if already downloaded and what it's process and implementation status is

Search for information on any SAP Note